Tree and Sidewalks

Depending on their location, trees and sidewalks are the responsibility of either the City of San Diego, Villa Portofino Home Owners' Association or the individual homeowner. Before taking any action, please contact the Villa Portofino office (858-571-0722) to verify the location, ownership and responsibility for trees, root damage and sidewalk issues. The Villa Portofino office can advise who is responsible, so appropriate actions can be implemented correctly.

Villa Portofino contracts with a certified arborist and a tree maintenance firm to survey and trim or remove trees that the HOA owns. There are also Landscape and Concrete committees, open to all residents, that advise the board on issues and improvements.

Issues with city owned trees and sidewalks can be reported using the city's Get It Done app.

Visit the City of San Diego's Tree Maintenance page for more information on their tree policies and services.